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Package of Four (4) Buttons: $7.00 US
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You can now replace a shirt button in only seconds and so can your grandchildren.

Peel It, Stick It and Off You Go...

Here's How It Works: Simply peel off the oval adhesive disc, with the button sewn on it, using your fingers only, firmly apply it in the place of the missing button; button up and your shirt is as good as new.

Maggie's Sew Free Buttons will remain in place for many launderings and dry cleanings, or (if desired) it may easily be removed by peeling it off with no damage to the garment.

   Has This Ever Happened To You? It's the last day of an important business trip, you have one half hour to dress and get to the big meeting with a client, your last clean shirt is missing a button, What to do? Solution: Open a package of Maggie's Sew Free Buttons, peel off a replacement button, stick it on, button your shirt and get to the meeting five minutes early. No Lost Time, No Hassle, No Sweat.

Did You Know? People have been sewing on buttons with a needle and thread since the 16th century. Really!

Who can use Maggie's Sew Free Buttons? Business people, school and college students, working Moms, Senior Citizens, visually and physically impaired people, anyone who needs to replace a button RIGHT NOW!

Thanks again for visiting us. Have a great day!

Maggie & Jim Rentos

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